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Apostolate of the Pen and Social Communication

    Redemptorist Publication India: The Redemptorist ministers to people through the print media too. A number of books are published on issues relating to Scripture, faith, youth, prayers, sacraments, stories and the like.










  Breaking the Word: It is a quarterly magazine of Sunday and Feast Day Homilies. A lot of subscribers are benefiting from it to prepare for their Sunday and Feast day liturgy.

 Redemptorist Media Centre (RMC): It is an initiative of the Redemptorists of the Bangalore Province, to “Proclaim the Good News ever anew” (St. Clement Hofbauer, C.Ss.R.). It aims to fulfill the mission of the Congregation of “preaching the Gospel to the poor” (C.Ss.R. Constitution no. 1) in this digital and multi-media world. : This website is an online resource centre presently only for the use of the Redemptorists of the Province of Bangalore. It is a library of multimedia materials like text documents (word, pdf), video clippings, power points, audio talks, music etc. It is a pool of resources useful for various ministries the confreres are engaged in. They are easily downloadable from the website.
 It is the official website of the Redemptorists, Province of Bangalore. The website is designed, hosted and maintained by the Redemptorist Media Centre.



 Mother of Perpetual Help