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Golden Jubilee of Ordination of Fr. Jose Fonseca, C.Ss.R.



          On the 5th of November 2011, our dear Confrere Fr. Jose Fonseca celebrated his Golden Jubilee of Ordination. We thank God and his family for gifting him to our congregation, and more specifically to the Province of Bangalore. 

Fr. Jose Fonseca was born on the 13th of June, 1938 in Bombay. His parents were Dr. Ignatius and Olive Fonseca. He was the last of 7 children.  A boy at the top and a boy at the bottom and 5 sisters in between who pampered him. He joined the Congregation when he was 15 years old.  Fr. Jackie Whyte his Baker, which meant vocation promoter in those days, gave him no option but to leave for the novitiate 2 days after his 15th birthday. That may be why many do not really believe this is the 50th year of his ordination. He then made his first profession on the 2nd of August, 1954 and was ordained on the 18th of October, 1961. Unfortunately both his parents died while he was in the seminary.

Even as a student he was a topper. He was well informed on many matters and, as Fr. Frank Toner had put it ‘he was a mine of information’.

He did his B.Sc in Ireland. He has also done his Licentiate and Doctorate in Moral Theology.


The offices that he undertook as a Redemptorist are:

  • He was the Principal and headmaster of OLPS School, Chembur from 1969 - 1981.

  • From 1981 onwards He was the professor at St. Alphonsus College and continues to be so. The subjects he handles are – Moral Theology and History of the Congregation.

  • He was a Consultor to the provincial and later the provincial himself from 1993-1996.

  • He was a Rector in MSA and Sadupadesa.

  • He was the Editor of ‘Breaking the Word’.

  • He was the one who computerised the finances of the congregation as the provincial treasurer

  • He was the Secretary General of the Alphonsian Academy, Rome, the post-graduate institute of moral theology of the Pontifical Lateran University, which is entrusted to the Redemptorists. He remained a professor of the Alphonsianum for 20 years.

  • He served for 3 years s in the Holy Ghost Parish team


We are indebted to Fr. Jose Fonseca for the services he has rendered to the Congregation



Some of his characteristics are:

  • He is known for his efficiency, courage, discipline and for taking up new challenges.  

  • He is a person who will stand by the truth come what may.


To put it in one word, He is an integrated person.


We thank him for his many years of dedicated work for the Lord and wish him many more happy years of Ministry.




 Mother of Perpetual Help