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Summary of the Christmas Play



Keeping to the age-old tradition started by our Irish confreres of the past, the Redemptorist theology students staged a three-act play for the benefactors, religious formees and the general public on the 23rd, 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th of December 2013. It is an opportunity to celebrate the Christmas season with the wider community and spreading the joy of the season.


    This years’ chosen script was a farce entitled “Simple Spymen” the plot revolves around all that goes wrong when a couple of simple street-musicians are mistaken for international secret service agents. 12 students formed the cast, the entire Theologate was involved in the back-stage preparations, many costumes were borrowed from parishioners and three of whom assisted  the cast with the make-up. The students were directed by Fr. Assisi Saldanha despite his busy schedule and the tragic loss of his mother. The entire two-and-a-half months long process of staging the play was overseen and supported by the Prefect, Fr. Edward Raju and the Socius, Fr. James Kumar. All the shows received a roaring applause as the stage crew shed sweat and blood to make on-stage arrangements and the cast gave their all to tickle the audience’s funny bones!


   At the end of the last day’s show, the Brothers were so satisfied by the outcome that they spontaneously got into a huddle and gave thanks to the Lord in prayer and song for having graced us throughout the preparations and show-days. They were glad that they had touched the lives of a few more people with the joy their experience in Jesus the Redeemer through this wonderful community effort .





 Mother of Perpetual Help