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Vision Mission and Apostolic Priorities

To bring among all especially the abandoned poor the peace and unity of God’s Kingdom.

As Redemptorists and Sons of Alphonsus.
 - To proclaim Christ’s plentiful redemption to all, especially the abandoned poor.
 - To strive for liberation and salvation of the whole human person by preaching
the Gospel ever anew and through personal witness of mercy and compassion.
 - To be an apostolic community characterized by our core values, especially
missionary dynamism together with bold initiatives, creative thinking, and
interior renewal.
 - To work with all peoples for a just, peaceful and harmonious society.

Apostolic Priorities
 * Preaching
 * Parish
 * Justice and Peace
 * Youth
 * Migrants
 * Interfaith Dialogue and
 * Ecology
As Redemptorists our Core Values are:
-Missionary dynamism
-Closeness to people, the poor
-To live and work as community
-Simple life style
-Team work among Redemptorists and with others
-Integrity and honesty
-Relationship with Our Mother of Perpetual Help
Formation instils in the formandi the core values to be lived out in our communities. Formation is also the time when the apostolic priorities are inculcated in the formandi so that both the mission and vision of the Province become clear to them as they prepare to enter the communities.



 Mother of Perpetual Help