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Young Fathers Meet 2012, Visakapatnam, A.P.


The three days Meet of the Redemptorist Young Fathers’ took place from the 16th to 18th of October, 2012. It was organized at quite a picturesque place of the MSFS Missionaries on St. Mary’s Mount in the port city of Visakapatam, A.P. The meeting began with a meaning celebration of the Holy Eucharist by Fr. Sahaya, C.Ss.R. (The Young Fathers’ Coordinator and In Charge) commemorating the feast of St. Gerard Majella. The group comprised of five batches, numbering 17 fathers who have completed their pastoral year. It was a time of sharing of experiences in apostolate and religious life, with a special focus on Community Life. The Young Redemptorist felt enriched and revived by each others’ sharing. It was also a time of reflection and planning for the future. The last session was moderated by Fr. Xavier Sanjivi, C.Ss.R. representing the Provincial Government. It was surely a moment of brotherhood and fellowship, and the participants had loads of good memories and inspiration from one another to carry back to their communities and ministry.



 Mother of Perpetual Help